Jean-Luc Cooke

Candidate Biography

Hello Green friends,

My name is Jean-Luc Cooke and I am running for President of the Green Party of Canada. I’ve held just about every other role in the party, having always put our group goals ahead of my own. I have been a candidate (2011 & 2015), riding CEO, member of Shadow Cabinet, on Federal Council (Ontario) and sat on the board of the GPC Fund.

It is truly touching to be approached by many from Cabinet, Council and from the general membership to run for president. This role is not one to be taken lightly and I am prepared for the task. The party president is a liaison to other provincial and international Green parties. Above all they are a professional and level-headed voice seeking compromise across our national party.

The next 2 year term of president will be overseeing several critically important transitions. Two which come to mind are the 2019 general election and taking us through the growth from one to several MPs in Ottawa. The work for this year’s election is already underway and the plan passed by Federal Council needs to be continued as we ramp up to October’s big day.

That is why it is so important to have the president (chair of Federal Council) be someone who has been in all these roles and has the confidence of our members, candidates, Council, and staff.

I look forward to seeing our party succeed in 2019 and growing deeper connections with all Canadians.

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Phone: (613) 800-0571


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