Application Form to Join the Ombuds and Appeals Committee


The role of the Ombuds and Appeals Committee is to receive complaints from Members of the Party regarding decisions made by organized Units or Functionaries of the Party that affect their rights as members, or concerns regarding Party governance. (Green Party of Canada Bylaw 7.5.1.)

In accordance with Bylaw 7.2, the Ombuds and Appeals Committee may fill its vacancies between General Meetings of Members.

A complaint starts when the complainant completes a Complaint Form and sends it to the Ombuds Committee. Once the Committee receives the complaint, they need to determine if the complaint is one under their remit. If not, they let the complainant know they cannot take their complaint on, and why they cannot do so. If they can accept it, they let the complainant know that it can investigate their complaint, and that it can take some time to investigate a complaint as the Committee must make an effort to hear from everyone involved in the complaint. The Committee may also ask to see documents and other information relevant to the complaint, and may ask questions of anyone who is likely to have information the Committee needs. Once all the information the Committee believes is important has been collected, the Committee must sort through it, discuss it, and make decisions as to responsibility of the parties. Then a formal decision is issued, listing the findings, the decision(s), and the consequent recommendations. Please note though, the Ombudsman Committee has no ability to enforce the implementation of its decisions; it is an advisory body.

It is important to know that the Committee can sometimes be handling more than one case at a time and then have long periods of inactivity. Committee members must be patient and willing to ask questions, look at matters from a variety of angles, and discuss respectfully with other Committee members in order to render solid decisions.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining the Committee.

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