Clone of 3.13 Oceans

As a country bordering three oceans, Canada has a huge responsibility for ocean protection. The UN special conference on the oceans in June 2017 increased global awareness of the multiple threats:
Ocean acidification;
Massive contamination of oceans by plastics;
Alarming declines in oxygen availability in coastal zones and the deep ocean;
Illegal fishing;
Unsustainable aquaculture;
Land-based sources of marine pollution.

Canada must take steps to reduce our own contribution to plastic pollution of our oceans. We must ban single-use plastic items and contribute to global efforts to rid the oceans of plastics.
We must create a national coastal monitoring programme to track ocean acidification. Currently DFO does not monitor pH levels along our coasts.
Reduce run-off of fertilizers promoting algal blooms in our oceans;
Ensure climate mitigation and adaptation programmes have a clear focus on oceans.