Climate action: the time is now.

People around the world are experiencing the impacts of a warming planet on the air we breathe, on our food systems, through floods and the hot smoke of wildfires.

It is time for climate solutions. The Green Party has an ambitious plan, and the time to act is now:

  • Launch a Green and Just Recovery from this global pandemic.
  • End new pipeline construction, fossil fuel subsidies, fracking and oil and gas exploration projects.
  • Invest in green infrastructure like a national renewable energy grid.
  • Invest in renewable energy¬†to create high-paying sustainable jobs.
  • Implement a Carbon Border Adjustment (a tariff on goods imported from jurisdictions with weak emissions reduction policies), like our colleagues in the U.S.A. and the EU.

And you are part of the solution! Greens have the proven track record and credibility to be the climate leaders Canada needs. We need you to voice your support as we continue to fight for a livable climate.

Sign on today: