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Elections Canada 

Reminder - EDA compliance 

On May 31 every year, every registered Electoral District Association must provide Elections Canada (EC) with:

  • An Annual Statement of Registry Information, a General Form for 2021 (EC 20380); EC sends all registered EDAs a package with its registry information each year. EDAs must certify that the registry information is accurate or provide updates.
  • A Registered Association Financial Transactions Return for 2021 (EC 20081); Through the secure online portal, that includes the following:
    • association's information and declaration, signed by the financial agent
    • inflows and outflows, including for voter contact calling services
    • statement of revenues and expenses
    • statement of assets and liabilities
  • An Auditor's report + invoice: (which is only required if the Electoral District Association accepted contributions totalling $10,000 or more, or incurred expenses (excluding transfers) totalling $10,000 or more in 2021).

For information on all reporting requirements for EDAs please follow this link. To access the latest version of “Political Financing Handbook for Electoral District Associations and Financial Agents” click here

As we all know, EC had problems processing the information they received last year, and some EDAs had to submit their documents more than once. Please copy when you submit your documents by email, or advise your organizer to keep us updated. 


Reminder - Online training for associations

Elections Canada is committed to bringing you the best training available, even during these unprecedented times. This is why the Virtual Training Centre provides all the information you need to navigate the political financing rules and reporting requirements.

The Virtual Training Centre allows you to:

  • get free training from your own home, at any time
  • get tools and resources to help you submit your financial returns

The new training module, Important Information for Registered Associations 2022, provides an overview of the rules applicable to registered associations and their reporting obligations for 2022.

To access your Virtual Training Centre account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and log in using the following information:

Username: the email address on file with Elections Canada

Password: ECanada2021

  1. Select Political Financing from the My courses tab on the homepage.
  2. Select the desired course.

*Note that your Virtual Training Centre credentials may differ from the ones linked to your PESC account.

If you don’t have an account, fill out the enrolment form to request one.

If you have any questions or technical issues, please contact us at

Interim Leader’s update

Reconnection Tour

I’m delighted to tell you that my national tour as interim Leader of the Green Party of Canada started in Windsor, Ont, on Wednesday, March 9. 

We’re calling this The Reconnection Tour because, after a couple of really tough years, it’s time for Greens across the country to get reconnected – with their values, with our party, with each other. 


My tour started  in southwestern Ontario in Windsor and London, followed by stops in the Niagara region, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area (Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto downtown). We’re still confirming dates but starting in the spring I’ll be heading for Quebec, the Atlantic, the Prairies, B.C. and the North.

All my town hall in your communities will be posted here. If you want to request I visit your community, make a request to 

I also had the opportunity to meet local elected city councilors, local environment or social justice groups, and the beautiful small vegetable farm just south of London, Ontario, called the Common Ground Farm.

Executive Council Town Hall

On February 17, the Executive of the Federal Council held a Town Hall to update members on the work of Council over the past few months. More than 350 members participated. Here’s the recording of the event in case you missed it. Watch it here.

Campaign to ban thermal coal

On February 4, GPC launched a web, email and social media campaign calling on the government to fast-track the ban on thermal coal – the type used to generate electricity and the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet.

The government has announced plans to phase out the mining, burning and export of thermal coal by 2030 but that’s not not nearly soon enough. Our letter-writing campaign calls on Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault to move the ban up to next year.

Please click HERE to add your name and make sure you share on Facebook and Twitter.

The Green Party in the Media

Interim Green Leader in Windsor 

Interim Green Leader begins Grassroots Tour 

EDA Spotlight: 

All Saskatchewan EDAs are getting together ! 

We’re very happy to invite you to the very first Saskatchewan Multiple Annual General Meetings Event. This virtual meeting will bring the Saskatchewan Greens from 10 different ridings together, at the same day and the same time.

If you’re a GPC member in Saskatchewan, you won’t want to miss this. Join Greens from all over the province as our party’s prairie movement keeps growing. Naomi Hunter and Thomas Boysen will also be present as Guest Speakers and will answer questions. 

Save the date : March 23 2022 at 7 p.m.

REGISTER NOW  if you want to attend as an observer. 

Email for more information. 

The following federal EDAs are participating: 


Prince Albert

Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River


Saskatoon West

Carlton Trail Eagle Creek

Moose Jaw—Lake Centre—Lanigan



Cypress Hills—Grasslands


Black History Month Town Hall 

The Black History Month Town Hall on February 28th was very successful, with more than 130 members as participants. There will be part two in April, so stay tuned! 

If you missed this town hall, you can watch it here. 



Green Sunday Afternoon

On March 6th, Greens from the Atlantic all the way to the West Coast gathered for Bob Mackie’s Green Sunday Afternoon Initiative. Federal Council reps and Provincial Leaders showed up to speak, and Paul Manly joined us on the West Coast to announce that he is now a Senior Advisor for the GPC! The next one will be on April 3rd. 


Governance update

Federal Council and Young Green Council nominations are now open ! 

Nominations for the next Federal Council and Young Greens Council elections opened on March 7 and will close on April 4, 2022 at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time. 

We draw your attention to the rules concerning EDA during Federal Council elections. 

8. EDA Involvement During Elections

8.1 EDAs must not support any one candidate or group of candidates to the exclusion of others. 

8.2 EDAs must not reference any candidate website other than the candidate pages on the official Party website ( 

8.3 EDAs may support the electoral process by providing opportunities to all candidates for any given position to engage with their members and by encouraging voting. 

8.4 To host an event with candidates in attendance, an EDA must notify the Subcommittee at three days in advance of the event, providing evidence that all candidates for the position have been afforded equal opportunity to participate. 

8.5 To distribute information about candidates, an EDA must provide information about all candidates for the position in the same message. 

8.6 EDAs are responsible for the accuracy of voting information provided to their members. Inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information about the election process is not allowed. 

8.7 The rules in this section also apply to Provincial/Territorial Organizations and Regional Associations.

Upcoming events

VGM Phase 2

Phase 2 of the VGM will take place starting on March 25, 2022. We need many more volunteers for Phase 2, including experts on Green rules, online facilitation, and online safety. We need chat monitors, translators, and social media volunteers. With your participation, each new general meeting will be better than the one before. If you or anyone in your EDA is interested in volunteering, please email

Invite a Caucus representative to your event

If you would like to invite the interim Leader or a Green MP to your event, fill out this form

After your request is received, a member of the Mobilizing team will follow up with a response. 

Gvote training for EDAs on request

If you or members of your EDA want a training on Gvote, make a request to and your organizer will set up a time with you. 

Communication Action Team Survey

Dear GPC EDA's,

We are excited to invite you to participate in a new initiative that will give an added voice to members across the country! We are presenting this tool to you as trusted leaders within the GPC, to help us test and create guidelines for additional communications.

We are launching a **News Story Mining Tool** That will allow and encourage GPC members to submit news stories and issues that are important to THEM. These stories can be regional, national, or even international.

This tool will be another step in ensuring the voice of the party is led by the voice of its members. The steps are simple. Gather your story info, fill the bilingual form ( out in about 10 minutes and submit. Make sure you cite your references. We will then select stories from across the country to diversify our voice and include our contributors’ names and riding.

This initial pilot will create content for the interim leader’s feed. We hope to expand the program as we test.

Thanks again! We look forward to opening our lines of communication even further and are thankful to you for getting us started.


Dan and Stephnie from the Comms Action Team


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