Canada’s Global Role

Canada’s Global Role

The Green Party will re-establish Canada among the global leaders in peacekeeping, poverty alleviation, and international diplomacy.

Canada has a proud history as a peacekeeping nation, but in recent decades has increasingly favoured aggression and intervention over diplomacy, peacemaking and disaster relief.

Resource exploitation, specifically in the Global South, has led to a staggering global wealth gap – causing untold hardship and extreme poverty in nations throughout Africa, Asia, and South and Central America.

Green MPs Will

  • Re-align our defence spending - increasing the emphasis on disaster assistance, and shifting our focus away from NATO war missions towards UN Peacekeeping contributions  
  • Ensure development assistance targets the poorest of the poor; we will commit to combating global poverty by working with the UN to invest in sustainable locally-owned businesses in impoverished regions.  
  • Provide Veterans Affairs Canada the resources it needs to support all Canadian service personnel - it is not fair to Veterans to cut costs by cutting corners