Who We Are: Reflections on My Life and Canada Book Tour


Who We Are: Reflections on my Life and Canada 
The eighth book from Green Leader Elizabeth May

Published by Greystone Books

"This book is an argument for our future, the future of our children, and our grandchildren and generations beyond. It is about how diminished democracy undermines our best hope to avoid the worsening of the climate crisis, accelerating to threaten human civilization itself. It is a book about how we can make a difference."

– Elizabeth May, O.C., MP
Leader, Green Party of Canada
Member of Parliament, Saanich–Gulf Islands


In this marriage of memoir and manifesto, Elizabeth provides personal perspectives on her approach to politics, policy, and what it means to be Canadian.


“Most observers acknowledge that Elizabeth May is Canada’s most effective MP, combining service to her constituents and causes with an uncommon respect for Parliament and democracy. Now her book, “Who We Are”, reveals another dimension: a tough and thoughtful activist, zealous, but with a gift for pragmatic compromise and accomplishment.”

- The Right Hon. Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada 

“Democracy cannot function if the power of debate is not valued. Elizabeth May’s contribution to many of Canada’s great debates is one that all of us should recognize. As the environment becomes an ever more pressing global issue, our country’s ability to tackle the challenges of climate change will rely on a healthy democracy – and in this book, Elizabeth makes a strong case for why and how Canada must step up.”

- The Right Hon. Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada

“Elizabeth May is without doubt the most impressive party leader in Canada today --superhumanly hardworking, dedicated, smart, witty, and fearless when speaking truth to power and to the public.  Who We Are reminds us she is also a fine writer.  May’s insider story takes us into her own remarkable life and her profound connection with the lives of others on this planet: great and small, human and not.  A fascinating and inspiring book.”

- Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress

“In this highly readable book, Elizabeth May tells us of a life lived on the edge -- often the leading edge of big issues of the day -- but never at the margins.  Others may complain it's not easy being Green, but May has passionately painted her personal and political life in that bold hue.  Laced through the book are important warnings about the state of our democracy and our environment, which very much deserve to be heard.”

                                                 - Susan Delacourt, award-winning Canadian political journalist and author of Shopping for Votes

“Elizabeth May is a born storyteller in the grand tradition. It may well be that she will achieve her greatest successes in defense of life upon this outraged planet as a writer whose clarity, honesty, and conviction brook no denials.”

- Farley Mowat

“Elizabeth May has connected with a deep vein of anxiety among Canadians—who are we? What kind of country have we become since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister? Her analysis, built on a wealth of information, is refreshingly clear and honest. For the first time in ages, I feel hopeful.”

- Maude Barlow, author of Blue Future


Tour Dates

Sidney, BC – Official Launch Reception and Book Signing – October 4 

Ottawa – In-Store Book Signing Event – October 6 (CANCELLED)

Ottawa – Book Launch Reception – October 7

Toronto – Public Lecture – October 14

Halifax – Public Lecture – October 16

Halifax – Book Launch Reception – October 16 

Saskatoon – Public Lecture – October 17

Saskatoon – In-Store Book Signing Event – October 17

Victoria –  Public Lecture – October 18

Winnipeg – Public Lecture – October 19

Winnipeg – In-Store Book Signing Event – October 19

Bowen Island, BC – Public Lecture – October 24

Victoria – In-Store Book Signing Event – October 25

St. John’s – Public Lecture – November 7

Montreal – Public Lecture – November 8

Calgary – Public Lecture – November 9

Vancouver – Public Lecture – November 12 

Vancouver – In-Store Book Signing Event – November 12 

Victoria – In-Store Book Signing Event – November 13

Duncan, BC ­– In-Store Book Signing Event– November 14

Salt Spring Island, BC – Public Lecture – November 16

Thunder Bay, ON – Public Lecture – November 21

Barrie, ON – Public Lecture – November 22