All hands on deck!! By-election wins within reach!

Elizabeth May

By-electionsThe news is good on the ground in Victoria and Calgary Centre.  We are running a solid second in Victoria and edging toward second in Calgary Centre.  Donald Galloway is gaining ground in Victoria and Chris Turner’s campaign in Calgary Centre is seen as having all the buzz and momentum.

Thanks also to the wonderful Durham Greens and candidate Virginia Ervin.  I do not want to ignore their dedicated efforts, but I need Green supporters across Canada to know we can win in Victoria and Calgary.

The early polls make it clear that in Victoria, previously held by very popular NDP MP Denise Savoie, we are in an NDP-Green race.  Donald Galloway is a terrific candidate – passionate, intelligent, and sensible. His work as a volunteer campaigning for respect for the human rights of immigrants and refugees has brought him often to Parliament.  He knows what it will be like to work side by side with me to make the House of Commons a better, more civil space. The Conservative candidate in Victoria is trailing in fourth place and the Liberal in third.

In Calgary Centre, the Conservative candidate (no surprise to anyone) is in the lead.  Joan Crockatt is Stephen Harper’s hand-picked choice.  Unlike the previous Conservative MP from Calgary Centre, Lee Richardson, Crockatt is more at the Wildrose side of the spectrum and not the Progressive side of Alberta Conservatism. The Liberal candidate is currently in second place, with nationally- respected author, journalist and thinker Green candidate Chris Turner gaining ground from third place.  The Turner team is attracting supporters from Alison Redford and Naheed Nenshi campaigns.  Both are good recent examples of how the polls can mislead you and Albertans can deliver upset victories to candidates the pundits have written off. 

With voters going to the polls on November 26 – barely two weeks from now --  we need your help.

Can you drop everything and go to Victoria or Calgary and knock on doors? (Billets available)

Can you join the national volunteer phone canvass?  The calls are easy to do with a great web-based system (you don’t even need to use your own phone.)

Can you make a donation?

Right now is the time to help.  I particularly want to reach out to Greens physically near the two most exciting and fun campaigns Greens have seen since the 2011 Saanich-Gulf Islands campaign.   If you live on the Lower Mainland of BC, in and around Calgary or southern Alberta, can you spend the next two weekends knocking on doors??

We have exciting campaign events coming up in Victoria and Calgary with David Suzuki and local supporters.  Saturday November 17 in Calgary Centre and Monday November 19 in Victoria!

You will want to be part of making history. Come and join us. It’s fun – and we need you!!