Message to our Members

Elizabeth May

My mantra in politics has been “Voting matters;
participation matters; citizens have power.”

Voting also matters in internal party issues,
and members
have power.

Please take the time to reply to the email you
have received
about voting.

Important questions are at stake. 

Firstly, we have a new Constitution, passed by
members in
2010, that establishes two new processes. 
You will vote directly for an Executive 
-- a President, new Vice-President positions (Anglophone
and Francophone),
and Treasurer.  In the last version of
our Constitution, members elected the council and council elected
its own
chair.  This new Executive and a smaller
federal council will govern the party. 
As well, you will be asked to give my role as leader a vote
confidence.  As the first elected Green
Party Member of Parliament in Canada,
I ask for your support.  It is important
for the party’s growth and success that this vote be strong and

I am grateful to all the candidates running in
this election. 
Members have asked me in the past for guidance about those running
for council
office.  Some members don’t think I
should express an opinion, but the majority of people who make
their views
known have pressed me and the council to allow endorsements. I
know each of the
candidates for President, and they are all dedicated Greens. 
Nevertheless, I am endorsing, and strongly, one candidate. 

John Streicker has been a federal candidate, a member of Shadow
Cabinet and has
twice co-chaired the party's Biennial General Meetings.  Since
2010, John has chaired the federal council.  The talents that John
to the task are many.  I am particularly grateful for the
even-handed and
neutral way in which he helps council navigate tough issues.  He
extremely hard in preparing for each monthly meeting, ensuring
agendas are
shared and thought through.  John is gifted in helping council
consensus decisions.  He is unfailingly patient, strives to
council transparency and accountability, while holding a vision of
a strong
Green Party with a large Parliamentary caucus.  I ask you to give
him your