Final statements from delegations-- til 4:25 AM

Elizabeth May

Venezuela has the floor.  After Copenhagen, many people had lost all hope. And we have been working hard all year. We see the result, not just of 2010, but of many many years. We have had anger and frustration, and sleeplessness. Our challenge now is to convert Cancun into the agreements we need. We will be working to reconcile positions.  Even though its night time now, this document is a source of light. I can go home and say, "I've got a path."

I have the honour to speak on behalf of the least developed countries. You have restored trust and confidence in the UNFCCC process.  On our part, a significant milestone has been reached.

Work remains to get the inclusive legally binding agreement.  We want all the elements of the Cancun Agreements will be implemented tomorrow.  Millions of people are suffering day in, day out.

Dear Patricia. You got more praise tonight than most humans get in a lifetime. And you have deserved every word.  And with Christina and Margrete.  So we can see the importance of the women leaders in climate.

What have we accomplished? First, we have restored confidence in the UN. If we had not succeeded, it would be hard for people to have faith in the system.

Second, we have achieved the Cancun Agreement about forests, adaptation, etc.

After Copenhagen, the big bang theory of climate change where everything is solved in one meeting.  It takes many meetings, but what we accomplished here is amazing. Building many floors of the climate house.

We came here, full of anticipation of the challenge. We were afraid, after Copenhagen, we would not be able to work together. We commend the personal commitment of President Calderon.  As a result we have taken an important and necessary step to protect humanity.

Speaking on behalf of AOSIS. Yesterday was the anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights ensuring life and security. All of these we have protected through out achievements here. Mexico is leading the way in the reinvigoration of a multi-lateral system. We can go forward with hope and trust.

We embrace the words of your president, that we will never abandon the small island states.

I have the privilege to make this statement on behalf of the umbrella group (which includes Canada).

The Cancun Agreement we have created has created an instrument that builds trust. Tonight let us celebrate what we can do together.

Zambia, Pakistan... (as the thanks become repetitive I think I will stop recording every intervention)