International Leaders Speak

Elizabeth May

The system of national governments negotiating is a "Fundamentally dysfunctional political system."  Prime Minister Zenawi of Ethiopia speaking on behalf of all countries of Africa.

"Not here as victims of the past....but as stakeholders of the future..."

"A commitment to develop Africa in a way that is not carbon intensive. Ethiopia to be Carbon neutral by 2025." (Bill Clinton told me about this goal of Ethiopia.)

Tillman Thomas, PM of Grenada on behalf of low lying island states...the entire world comes together. Demands that industrialized countries cut by 45% reductions below 1990 by 2020. First reference to 2015, peak and decline. No more than 1.5 degrees. "One point five to stay alive."

Lesotho PM Bethuel Mosisili on behalf of least developed countries.  Decline in agricultural production, increased disease...rising sea levels, or as in case of Lesotho, fragile mountain environments.

Very limited capacity to cope with these threats.