Hugo Chavez - Venezuela

Elizabeth May

Comments from the President of Venezuela:

  • Back to the earlier concerns over the lack of transparency.  Bolivia said earlier, the text presented is not democratic or inclusive.  A new document? Top Secret!  It is not democratic, it is not inclusive. Well, ladies and gentlemen is that not the reality of this world. There is an imperial dictatorship in this world. This is a reflection of this.  There's a group of countries who think they are better than us in the developing world.
  • There is no democracy in this world.  There were two young people in here earlier.  The police were kind. They pushed them but not very much.  There are lots more people out there.
  • Let's say hello to all the people out there in the streets. And they are mostly young. And they have a right to be concerned. We could say there is a ghost lurking. That ghost is silent somewhere in this room that ghost, a terrible ghost, capitalism is that ghost.
  • The rich countries of the north helped the bankers and. One of the signs I saw in the street.."If the climate was a bank, they would have saved it."  Obama isn't here yet.  He got the Nobel Peace Prize pretty much the same day they sent 30,000 people to Afghanistan.

And those were introductory comments.

  • Climate change most devastating environmental treats of the last century.  Endangering life on this planet. 7% of the world population (500 million) responsible for 50% pollution. The 50% poorest only responsible for 7%....
  • You cannot really ask the same of the US and China.  

I missed a bit of this crowd pleasing entertainment, but he threw in "capitalism is the road to hell " and used Jesus (and the camel thru the eye of the needle...) as support.