We can win on November 26th!

Craig Cantin

Dear fellow member,

I've been in politics for over 20 years, and with the Greens for seven of them, and this poll is one of the most exciting things I've ever seen! It's certainly the most exciting since seeing a poll in April 2011 saying Elizabeth could win in Saanich-Gulf Islands!

As Elizabeth told you on Saturday, Donald Galloway is running in a strong second in Victoria. And now, Chris Turner has huge momentum in Calgary Centre, skyrocketing to 23 percent at the right time! That is twice the support he had from the last poll, and within reach of the Conservative frontrunner!

Can you imagine? We could have three Green MPs in the House of Commons on November 26th. That would break the floodgates wide open for us as a party!

I need your help, though. We need many more people willing to give a few hours of time, and make some phone calls over the next 11 days. That's right...there's only 11 days left, so there's not a moment to spare.

I'm so excited by the prospect that I want to make you an offer. Right now, there's a contest underway: the riding association who makes the most calls gets Elizabeth to come to their riding for an event.

Here's my offer...the riding who makes the most calls over the next 11 days will receive a personal contribution from me for $500. It doesn't matter where your riding is in the country...I will write the check on November 27th and have it in the mail that same day.

It's been an awe inspiring experience to see Elizabeth in action in Parliament for the last year and a half, and she has done us all proud. Imagine...just imagine her with two fellow MPs on November 26th? (Could you even imagine that being possible??)

Let's do this!

Yours Sincerely,
Craig Cantin
Craig Cantin
Deputy National Campaign Manager
Elections 2008 and 2011

P.S. This is the most exciting development since Elizabeth became our first Green MP. Winning two more seats is within reach...please help by making some calls!