The Real Issue with the so-called "Fair Elections Act"

Emily McMillan

With all the talk about the Conservatives’ so-called “Fair Elections Act,” my mind keeps coming back to what Elizabeth May has said right from the start:

“The crisis in Canadian democracy is not that Canadians are voting more than once, it is that they are voting less than once.”

And that is what this issue is all about.

We see on TV, and we read in the news, strong criticisms of this bill from professional journalists and public commentators.

We hear expert testimony from independent and trusted officials -- like Sheila Fraser and Marc Mayrand -- telling us that this bill is an assault on our democracy.

We talk with our friends and family and we express shock that the Conservatives think they can get away with:

   — Preventing Elections Canada from encouraging youth to vote
   — Letting winning candidates choose the people who run your local voting place
   — Opening loopholes so that they can spend even more during elections
   — Stopping Elections Canada from investigating election fraud like the robocalls scandal or even warning Canadians that such a fraud is taking place
But it comes down to this --  

If this bill passes, hundreds of thousands of Canadians will be prevented from voting.

The good news is that this bill is not yet law. The good news is that Canadians are taking action. The good news is that by coming together we can defend our democracy.

Add your name to our petition today. Show the Harper Conservatives that you are a defender of our democracy.

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