Statement on the 2019 Canadian federal election

Meghan Dubeau

As we head into the 2019 federal election, let's keep in mind that we're in the midst of a global climate and mass extinction crisis. This crisis threatens growing resource scarcity, the extinction of a million species, mass migrations, increased wars, the death of millions of people, and potentially civilizational breakdown - within decades according to researchers... that is, within the lifetime of most people who are living right now. Let that sink in.

Yet with all the political parties in Canada, with the exception of the Greens, the fate of the environment always comes out as their number two concern, at best, on their list of priorities. The large-scale clearcutting of old-growth forests, expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, building of mega-dams to flood river valleys...these are all supported by the other parties. They continue to take these stances despite the fact that a smart, clean, green economy is totally possible - and necessary. Unfortunately, time has almost run out.


The best-case scenario right now - and it's actually a good one - based on the actual aggregate polling data (look it up) a few days away from the election, is that a potential anti-environmental minority Scheer Conservative government (let's be clear they have about 0 percent chance to take a majority - look it up) is supplanted by a Liberal minority in a governing agreement with the NDP and Greens to represent a majority. Without as many elected Greens in that coalition as possible, the environment will inevitably be relegated to a second place concern at best... in a race for survival where there is no second place.

Now is the time to think big and do what is right and necessary to tackle the greatest threat facing us all - and to seize the greatest opportunity to make a better world. Let's get a team of Greens elected!

Ken Wu
Canadian conservationist