Remembering Dr. Susan Roddy

Elizabeth May

On behalf of myself, and the members of the Green Party of Canada, I wish to convey our profound sadness and sense of loss upon learning of the death of Dr. Susan Roddy.

As most are aware, Susan was a towering, internationally known and respected mathematical scholar. She brought honour and distinction to her colleagues and students at Brandon University, an institution to which she selflessly and lovingly dedicated her life.

Hers was a brilliant and tenacious intellect, one that produced major theoretical contributions in her chosen field, including famously the proof of a theorem that Stephen Hawking himself declared to be unprovable. But, you all known this.

What is lesser known is that Susan was dedicated member of the Green Party of Canada, intensely passionate in her devotion to the care of Mother Earth and all her creatures. She was a long-time leader of her local Green Party Electoral District Association and was an active, energetic participant in many of our National Congresses. She helped to shape our views on numerous issues.

One of these issues involves the challenges faced by the Transgender community in our country. Susan increased our awareness of the pain, anxiety, grief and frustration that the failure of inclusion visits upon transgendered people, particularly transgendered women. She taught us that what she and all transgendered women need – but are systematically denied in their social and working environments -- is understanding, acceptance, compassion, and above all -- respect.  

Susan found all this in the Green community – and more. In this community, she was dearly loved by those she encountered and worked with from across the country, people who – like me – are personally devastated by her loss.

Susan Roddy honoured us all by her presence in our lives. Her death has left a huge hole in our hearts.

Elizabeth May