Whatever It Takes

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was arrested on Burnaby Mountain at the site of the Kinder Morgan pipeline construction. She was arrested for taking a principled stand to defend our coastline, our climate, and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

"I do not do this lightly. I respect our laws. But Kinder Morgan is not waiting for the courts. I pledged to stand here in solidarity with First Nations to protect their rights, lands, and homes. Non-violent civil disobedience is the only choice left for the climate-aware citizen."

Elizabeth May, Leader - Green Party of Canada

Under Elizabeth’s bold leadership, the Green Party of Canada will continue challenging Kinder Morgan’s disastrous pipeline and tanker scheme. Our future depends on it.

In appreciation of Elizabeth’s unflinching commitment, add your name to let her know you’ve “got her back.” She will so appreciate knowing that you are with her as she continues to fight for our values.