Elizabeth May

SGI Greens Eminnent Speakers Series Presents: Wade Davis and the Sacred Headwaters

Event Date: 
24 April 2014 - 7:00pm

To honour Earth Day 2014, anthropologist, photographer, author and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Wade Davis will speak on the Sacred Headwaters as the guest of Elizabeth May, O.C., MP,

Save Island Rail Town Hall Event

Event Date: 
9 May 2014 - 7:00pm

On May 9, join us for a Town Hall event to discuss the crisis facing Canada's rail system, and what can be done to save Vancouver Island passenger rail.

Elizabeth May speaking at Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto

Event Date: 
27 April 2014 - 9:00am

Elizabeth May, O.C., MP will be speaking at Toronto's Metropolitan United Church as part of the Political Leaders Speaking Series. 

Be Green Globally - Online Live Chat with Elizabeth May and global Green leaders

Event Date: 
12 April 2014 - 8:00pm

Join Elizabeth May, O.C., MP and Leader of the Green Party of Canada for an online Live Chat with Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens, Jill Stein, leader of the US Greens, and su

Doing Politics Differently: In Conversation with Elizabeth May and Alberta Green Party Leader Janet Keeping

Event Date: 
12 April 2014 - 2:30pm

Join Elizabeth May, MP and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, and Janet Keeping, Leader of the Alberta Green Party in a discussion of it means to do politics differently and why it is important f

Green Sanctuary Special Event: Connecting Spirituality and Environmental Action

Event Date: 
12 April 2014 - 7:00pm

Join Elizabeth May and friends for an evening of dialogue, centered on the relationship between spiritual practice and environmental action.

EARTH RHYTHMS - A Musical Celebration of the 44th Earth Day

Event Date: 
21 April 2014 - 7:00pm

Bruce Hyer and Elizabeth May proudly present EARTH RHYTHMS: A Musical Celebration of the 44th Earth Day.

Democracy and Climate Action: A Grassroots Discussion with Elizabeth May

Event Date: 
6 April 2014 - 1:00pm

Action on climate change is being undermined by increasing threats to key democratic institutions.

A Conversation With Elizabeth May

Event Date: 
4 April 2014 - 10:30am

Join Elizabeth May in conversation at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo

Date: Friday, April 4, 2014

Energy Policy, Energy Security and Carbon: Are we capable of thinking like a country? - An evening with Elizabeth May

Event Date: 
11 April 2014 - 7:00pm

The Boreal Forest Network presents "Energy Policy, Energy Security and Carbon - Are we capable of thinking like a country?"

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