Climate Reality Project and Four Years Go


FOUR YEARS. GO. - an initiative born of our responsibility for changing the course of history - continues to evolve. The call is for us to be the pivotal generation that turns humanity in a new direction.

FOUR YEARS. GO. belongs to everyone and no one. Any person, organization, agency, or business is free to engage with and promote this call for our time in any way that is authentic for them and consistent with this mission. Currently, all activity happening in the name of FOUR YEARS. GO. is volunteer and pro-bono. This is as grassroots as you can get!
FOUR YEARS. GO. is an initiative that lives in each one of us.
Whatever the path has looked like – wherever and whatever you have done to get us to this place - your contribution has made a difference. Thank you.

The mission of FOUR YEARS. GO. is to generate the individual and collective will - and accelerate the necessary activity - that will create a thriving, just and sustainable world so that we know by the end of 2014, that this is clearly humanity's destiny.

And we have big news: WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! It is at the same URL as the old one, and provides much more for people to engage with. Over a year in the making, every page is different and the navigation is clearer and more intentional.

The intent of the website is to illuminate, accelerate, support and inspire the activities necessary to transform how we are living on the planet. This new site is first an important resource to explore yourself. Secondly, it's a great place to send your friends, loved ones and colleagues. Encourage them to declare themselves as participants in the shift, and to educate themselves about the possibilities.

Here is another way you can contribute. The Communications Team for FOUR YEARS. GO. has an invitation for each of you. We want you to submit content for the website! We are looking for blogs, videos, articles and similar submissions.

Each one of you has at least one story to tell and some of you quite a few. Would you be willing to share them with the wider community? If you are part of something that will illuminate, accelerate, support and inspire the activities that are happening or need to happen to transform how we are living on the planet, then we invite you to share these with us.

The “Stories of the Shift” section of the new site is a place to present stories about:
what is emerging,
compelling calls for what needs to emerge, and
stories that have been inspired in by the FOUR YEARS. GO. call to action.
This will, in turn, inspire still more people to accelerate the shift.

Check “Stories of the Shift” to see the format we are following. Include with your narrative a video, photo or graphic we can post with your stories.

Send your Stories to
and put “Stories submission” in the subject line.

Also, check out the new Solutions section. Featuring dozens of videos on a wide range of compelling topics, this is a priceless resource, identifying both the problems and the solutions that are emerging. We truly can have a world that works for everyone.

New volunteers are needed and welcome, you can apply here.

Thank you again for all you have done, all you are doing and all that you will do to make a thriving, just and sustainable world the guiding commitment of our time.

Kind regards,

Mark Bachelder, John Renesch, Beverly Schler, John Veitch, Peter Sundstrom and Gabi Dragomir
The FOUR YEARS. GO. Communications Team