Building a global movement to solve the climate crisis

If India's Baba continues to develop thorium reactors which can produce ammonia fuel for 11 cents a litre from desalinated seawater, china will undoubtedly follow and copy these designs.

Then the west might also follow suit.


Ammonia can be used to power ordinary internal combustion engines and can be used in power plants which need to be developed that run on ammonia to provide electricity from turbines.

If the design is right,  they will be statistically safer than gasoline or natural gas powered vehicles.

The electric vehicle won't be the solution as the batteries are too expensive to make and install, take up too much space and are toxic waste when disposed of 6-10 years later and are too expensive to recycle.  There is not enough lithium on the planet to make batteries for everyone and more exotic batteries are even more expensive using rare elements that pillage the earth even more.  Not a green alternative at all.



Check out for energy from the vacuum solutions which a lot of people are skeptical about but there might just be something to it.  Tom Bearden's baby.


Best wishes, Richard