Carbon Tax Rebuttal

Our local newspaper - The K-W Record wrote a very negative editorial about the Green Tax Shifting proposal on Friday, June 8th. I'm sharing my response (below).

GP Radio: Polling Day in Alberta

It’s polling day in Alberta as George Read, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, and Jennifer Wigmore, candidate for Drumheller-Stettler knock on final doors, give their final interviews and work t


On June 5th 2007, the Environment Day, the GPC leader unvailed the "gift to Canada," intended "to prevent catastrophic climate change." I might not have liked the pretentious and overdone phrases, but

Water conservation not entirely about not using water.

Part of water conservation is about holding water that would otherwise run downstream and to the ocean.

Check up: Alberta's by-election & My interview!

Yes folks at 1:54AM on CFRA news my interview was aired. Of course the Liberal, NDP, and Green panelist misinterpreted what I had said with the question on the dollar and jobs, but I forgive them.

G8: Health Over Intellectual Property Rights, Says G5

In my quest to put PCT (Patent, Copyright, Trademark) issues into the radar of Canadian Greens, I wanted to point out a development at the G8 summit that could have as much of an impact on the well pu

Proposal for a Green election slogan

I'll like to suggest a Green slogan for the inevitably upcoming federal election: "Vote Green....and live!"

GPO Greenhouse climate change article... science questionable?

Under an Agriculture sub heading we get what may be a bit of pandering to all but in a contradictory way.

GP Video: Vote for Those Who Cannot Vote (Ireland Green Party)

If anyone is still in doubt about what the Green Party means by making long term decisions, check out this video by the Green Party of Ireland.

Beaches-East York CA AGM and Nomination Contest (GPO)

June 27th at Beanies Cafe 1775B Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4C 1J1

Membership in GPO required 2 weeks before event. (June 14th)

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