Shakespeare at 450; how science may have influenced his work

Blinded by Scientific GobbledyGook - a real look at predatory journals and plagiarism....

Viktor Schauberger and Callum Coats: Living Energies and Fertile Earth: They examine propulsion systems and fertile forests

Steven Weinberg - The First Three Minutes (of the Big Bang - The start of the universe)

Queen at 88: Her best decade yet... reconciliation and detente with the Pope and the Irish Pres. and dep.PM ( a former IRA cmdr)

Einsteins investigation of the Oregon space-time anomaly...

pH oscillation in ocean previous results depend on equations from Zeebe and Wolf-Gladrow in book: CO2 in Seawater.

The following article depends entirely on the Diffusion equations for CO2 in water and O2 in water at the air/ocean interface,  and the equilibrium at the surface,  solved down to depth a

Orgone energy (blue colour) and Quantum Biofeedback Device

Check out the Indigo machine....

Bilderberg Group,Bretton Woods and Jim Marrs; somebody's making money!

"Narrator Peter Ganim is a terrific choice for this work...[His] controlled delivery projects a sense of wonderment at all the nefarious goings-on recounted in the book.

The Real Issue with the so-called "Fair Elections Act"

With all the talk about the Conservatives’ so-called “Fair Elections Act,” my mind keeps coming back to what Elizabeth May has said right from the start:

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