Georges Laraque

Georges Laraque was born in Montreal, Quebec on December 7, 1976.  The oldest son of Haitian immigrants, he speaks fluent English, French and Creole.   When Georges was young, he was actively involved in many sports, including soccer, speed skating, judo and hockey.  Even as a young boy, Georges' goal was to make it to the National Hockey League, despite the lack of black hockey players in the sport.

Through hard work and dedication, Georges was drafted to the NHL in 1997 for the Edmonton Oilers. In addition to playing for Edmonton, Georges played for Phoenix and Pittsburgh before returning home to Canada in 2008 to play for his hometown team, the Montreal Canadiens. Throughout his hockey career, Georges was a constant presence at community events and children’s hospitals, always willing to lend a hand to charity work. In January 2010, Georges retired from the NHL, and decided to dedicate his life to serving his community and the city he grew up in.

The devastating earthquake in Haiti was a life-changing experience for Georges.  Georges became heavily involved in the humanitarian relief mission and the rebuilding of the Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince. He is still actively involved in the World Vision project, Hockey for Haiti.

Georges is a committed environmentalist, supporting green businesses like TerraSphere, an innovative vertical farming technique which maximizes space in facilities and promotes eco-friendly farming techniques.

In addition to his compassionate humanitarian and environmental work, Georges is also a co-owner of two vegan restaurants called Crudessence in Montreal.

Mr. Laraque joined the Green Party of Canada in February 2010, and was named Deputy Leader in July, 2010. Georges' passion for his community and the environment make him an ideal candidate to help take the Green Party forward with a pragmatic vision for the Canada of tomorrow.