Green Sabbatical

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A Green Sabbatical: Memo sent to the Federal Campaign Committee, Federal Council & GPC Fund

Please accept this as my resignation as the Chair of the FCC and National Campaign Chair, effective immediately.

It has been my honour and pleasure to serve with so many committed individuals within the Green Party. You are all visionaries and it is from you whom I draw hope for the future. 

This is the time to step back because the debriefing process from the 2008 federal election is now finished and we are embarking on a new cycle of election planning. I have not stepped back leaving a void, as I have talked with one individual who can ably lead the FCC forward and who is willing to fulfill this role. I will leave this to the FCC call tomorrow (Dec 2) to discuss. 

It has now been eight years of intense work within the Green Party – one-and-a-half years as the first President of the Green Party of Ontario, three-and-a-half years as leader of the GPC, serving as the Co-Chair of the GPO provincial election in October 2007, and finally as the National Campaign Chair for the GPC for this past election. I have campaigned in dozens of elections during the eight years – including the Ontario, PEI and BC electoral reform referendums, and numerous provincial elections and brought Joe Trippi to Canada three times for seminars and election planning. 

I will be taking a multi-year sabbatical from Green politics. I will now be focusing on a new book – Green Means Green – how environmental leadership is the best thing ever for the bottom line – giving the economic argument as to why businesses should aggressively go green. In addition I will be consulting with companies to help them reduce their ecological footprint. 

Of course, I will remain a member and supporter of the Green Party – federally and provincially – and be a keen advocate of the Green Parties worldwide through the Global Greens. 

The Green Party is our only hope for the future in my opinion. I do not see any old-line, traditional party that has any meaningful analysis of the depth of the crisis we are facing or any profound solutions. All the old-line, traditional parties are tied to too many vested interests that want to maintain the status quo. 

My decision to take a sabbatical was made well before this election – and was driven in large part by my desire for renewal – spiritual, physical, emotional, mental – and re-focusing on my business and spending more time with my wife. 

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who continue to carry the Green banner forward! You are all an inspiration. 

Jim Harris

Former Leader, GPC

La présente est pour vous informer de ma démission du poste de Président du Comité de Campagne Fédérale, et Président de Campagne Nationale applicable immédiatement.

Ce fut un plaisir pour moi de servir le parti en compagnie d`individus engagés avec le Parti Vert. Vous etes tous et toutes des visionnaires qui inspirent l`espoir pour l`avenir.

Le temps est venu pour moi de me retirer, car le post-mortem de l`élection 2008 est complété et un nouveau cycle de planification électorale débute.  Je ne me retire pas en laissant la place vide mais ai déja contacté un indivudu qui pourrait mener le CCF de l`avant et pret a le faire.  Ce sera matiere de discussion pendant l`appel conférence du CCF demain.

J`ai travaillé de façon intensive pour le PVC depuis huit ans, un an et demi comme Premier Président du Parti Vert Ontario, trois ans et demi comme Chef du PVC, et vice-Président de l`élection provinciale en octobre 2007 et finallement Président de Campagne Nationale du PVC pendant la derniere élection.  J`ai participé a douze campagnes électorales en huit ans - incluant les référendums pour la réforme électorale et plusieurs élections provinciales et ai organisé 3 formations et planifications électorales en invitant Joe Trippi au Canada.

Je me retire du PVC pour quelques années sabatiques.  Mes intérets iront a mon nouveau livre- Vert=Vert - et le vrai leadership vert est a son meilleur a la base - donner des arguments économiques a savoir pourquoi le monde des affaires devrait se tourner au vert VITE. Enfin, je vais etre conultant pour les compagnies désireuses de réduire leur empreinte écologique.

Je demeure un membre et supporter du Parti Vert fédral et provincial et serai toujours un excellent ambassadeur de tous les Partis Verts du Mouvement Vert Global du monde entier.

Le Parti Vert est notre seul espoir pour le futur selon moi: je ne peux imaginer un des vieux partis traditionnels évaluer et analyser en profondeur l`importance de la crise qui nous frappe ou en trouver des solutions.  Tous les vieux partis sont liés a de faux intérets qui favorisent le statut quo.

J`avais décidé avant l`élection de me retirer, mon désir de renouveau en matiere spirituelle, physique, émotionnelle, mentale, me concentrer sur mes affaires professionnelles et passer plus de temps avec ma femme furent a la base de ma décision. es pensées et mes prieres sont avec vous qui continuez de brandir la banniere Verte de l`avant.

Vous etes mon inspiration!

Jim Harris

Ancien chef, Parti Vert du Canada 


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Thank you, Mr. Harris

Jim, allow me to be the first to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all that have done for the Green Party. I remember in the before time (before I ever became involved in politics) watching the results of the 2004 election and seeing you interviewed by CBC. I remember campaigning with you in 2006 in London and Chatham. I remember working closely with you for the by-election in London North Centre. And I will remember the 2008 campaign as well. I appreciate your advice and council, which I expect to continue unabated, and I most certainly support your decision to renew .. it is critically important.

I wish you the very best in your new endeavours.

Jim Johnston,

Opinions expressed are my own.

Jim Johnston, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Opinions expressed are my own.

Thank you, Jim

For all that you've done, thank you. You have been an inspiration for many, and have personally inspired me over the past few months. I wish you the best and look forward to working with you again (whenever that shall be).

- Amanda Judd
Co-Organizing Chair of the Council of the Young Greens of Canada
The Young Greens are having a referendum December 27-29! Learn more!

We owe you so much!

Hey Jim, the GPC owes so so much of its current status to your acumen, hard-work, and enthusiasm.

Your sabbatical is well-deserved--good luck in whatever comes next (keep us posted)!

--- Matthew Clarke
Web Guy

Matthew Clarke
Senor Web Developer

Thanks and then some but debriefing done?

Thanks Jim and it has been a pleasure to work with you over the last 2 federal campaigns and the by-election.

We will see you back at some point I am sure.

As per your comment on the election debriefing being finished, that is very curious since I certainly have not seen any evidence of that.

The Election Planning Committee here in Guelph submitted its report almost a month ago identifying key issues regarding the intent of the Greens as a Party at the national level, strategic voting, lack of preparedness and several other issues. No response to date from any level of leadership in the Party.

After attending the GPO policy conference on Saturday and talking to many folks I can say that there is significant debriefing and discussion needed before we are in any position to start preparing for another campaign.

So thanks and have a good rest but in the meantime there is a lot that needs to be addressed.



Campaign Manger, Guelph Riding
2006 and 2008

Stan raises a good point

Stan is right on both counts.

Yes, Jim, you are one of the "real deals". You have always been a class act and it is you---far more than anyone else---who deserves credit for the spectacular rise in the GPC's fortunes.

But having said that, there needs to be some sort of collective process for learning the lessons of the last election campaign. There are a lot of things that could have been done better and recent events seem to indicate that some elements of the party still have not learned any lessons from it.

"There is always an easy solution to every human problem--neat, plausible, and wrong." H.L. Mencken

"There is always an easy solution to every human problem--neat, plausible, and wrong." H.L. Mencken

you will be sorely missed

Thank you for your years of work for this necessary cause. I'm sorry to see you go, but understand the importance of balance in one's life and the desire for new directions. Your efforts on a variety of fronts - as Leader, as National Campaign Chair, and others, as well as on the various EDA campaigns - made all the difference in raising The Green Party profile and support, nationally and provincially, but especially here in Guelph. Thanks Jim. Hope our paths will cross again some day.

Thanks for everything

Thanks for all the hard work. Being involved for the first time in a federal campaign as more than 'just' a voter I saw how hard the work is and the level of dedication to achieve what you have achieved is quite amazing.

Taking the Green Party from ignored to receiving funding federally was a major, major step. Your efforts will not be forgotten.

Enjoy the break - you earned it!

John Northey

Thanks Jim!

In 2004 I went to the Green Party web site out of curiosity (and a frustration with positions of traditional parties) and read a posting by you. After that I got involved.

Good luck with the book (I'll buy one when it's out!), and here's hoping that you come back to be deeply involved, re-energized, and with great new ideas.

I will miss you Jim

Although I suspected this was going to happen I find myself quite choked up about this. Jim you are an outstanding human being. I will miss you and I know on behalf of London Green we will all miss you. I am very proud to call you friend and look forward to continuing this valued part of my life.
The GPC may find someone to do your job but you cannot be replaced. I wish you all the best with your new endevours and know that you will bring integrity and excellence to them.
Please have the best of Holiday Seasons with your family and all the Best in the New Year.

Gary Brown
Natural Resource Issue Advocate
Green Party of Ontario

Membership Chair
London West EDA
Green Party of Canada

137 St James
London Ontario
N6A 1W6

Gary Brown

You are what got me into

You are what got me into this thing in the first place, Jim! A simple 'Thank you' is all I can say for providing hope. I look forward to seeing you again soon.



Green Sabbatical


Sorry you are leaving the position. I do understand the need for renewal. It is wise to take a break.

Your great efforts are much appreciated and will be hard to replace.

Much good luck with future endeavours.

Ed Baye

I already miss you!


You are a Green Hero and a tremendous source of inspiration to myself and many other Greens. Please take care, recharge and appreciate the knowledge of what great strides you helped our party make. Your clarity and knowledge is so refreshing versus the standard political mumbo jumbo. We already miss you, and hope to see you back when you are ready. More and more citizens are embracing Green initiatives. It is so sad to see our Federal Government almost completely missing the point on issues that are critical to our future.

Be good! Call me if I can assist your business efforts with a little promo buzz!

Ian McGugan, CEO
The Dufferin-Caledon Federal Green Party Association

Thank you Jim

You are one of my personal inspirations. The party will go on, but it won't be the same without you. We all owe you much gratitude for everything you have done for the Green Party in Canada.

Big hugs,

Mary Ann Grainger

Jim: You are one of the

Jim: You are one of the reasons I began supporting the Green Party in the first place, away back in 2004. You have taught me a lot (especially about fundraising) and I really appreciate all the effort you have put in over the years for the party. For all your excellent work you have received little praise and even less money. Your selflessness and professionalism inspire us all.

Best of luck in your new endeavour and keep in touch. I sense a book launch coming to Manotick in a year or so!

Lori Gadzala
Former candidate, Nepean-Carleton

Lori Gadzala 

Excellent Idea

You did great work with the parties all these years. Good luck with the new ventures.

Robert Cooke
Financial Agent
Eglinton Lawrence EDA

Robert Cooke Financial Agent Eglinton Lawrence EDA Green Party of Canada

Good Journey.

We can say for certain that this was a good journey for you Jim, and we wish you a Good Journey where ever it take you.

My Best to you.

Thanks Jim

I only had one election and I already felt the need for personal renewal. You were of great service to the party.

Enjoy this new chapter in your life!

One day we'll have a fundraising thermometer on the site :-)

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Jim Harris - we'll miss you

You've done a great job building this party, Jim. You've helped morph the party from an activist group to a political party with messaging and strategies. Just let us clone a few dozen of you before you go, so we can build our party even more. :)


Jay Fitzsimmons
Ottawa Centre

********************* Jay Fitzsimmons Ottawa Centre

thanks for the enthusiasm and the energy

Hi Jim,
It was good to meet and work with you on the Guelph By-election.
You brought a lot to the table and much energy and spunk! ;-)

Re-charge those batteries (hopefully using renewable resources!) and I look forward to our paths crossing again at some point.
take good care, man. Jeff

Many thanks

Thanks, Jim, for your dedication all these years. I hope we meet again sometime.

Jim Elve
Communications Chair
The views expressed here are mine alone and are not the official position of the Green Party of Canada.

Jim Elve
The opinions expressed here are purely my own and do not represent official Green Party of Canada policy or positions.