Former PM Joe Clark a "political orphan"

Former Prime Minister Joe Clark characterizes himself as a “political orphan,” and the Harper government baffles him. It’s reported in today’s Globe and Mail

There are two million former Progressive Conservative voters who have no natural home. The Green Party -- fiscally responsible and socially progressive -- is a comfortable home of an increasing number of former PCs.

Yesterday I was in Guelph campaigning in what is a very, very exciting riding – one of the Greenest ridings in Canada. (In the Ontario provincial election the Guelph Greens won 19.5%)

At a packed public meeting last night, I pointed out that the Green Party would cut the $1.4 billion in annual subsidies to oil and gas interests. Why do the most profitable companies in Canada require public taxpayers’ money???!!

With oil having broken $135 a barrel – the highest ever – why do petroleum companies need subsidizing?

Given that the Green Party would cut these subsidies we are more fiscally responsible than the Conservatives who are committed to continuing them. After all, Stephen Harper relies on winning each of the 28 seats in Alberta.

At the same time more than 1.1 million children are living in poverty. Their families don't know whether they'll be able to put food on the table at the end of the month. The Green Party is the only party proposing a guaranteed annual income supplement.

So we're more fiscally responsible than the Liberals and Conservatives who believe in subsidizing oil and gas interests, and we're more progressive than the NDP as we're the only party talking about a guaranteed annual income supplment.

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Joe Clark should run Green!!!

Greetings Greens,

As someone familiar with Joe Clark and having talked to him directly and as he is pro re-legalize cannabis I hereby ask that we some how get him as a Green Party candidate!

Cheers All

(disclaimer:do not be confused and think shavluk is the green party talking...hahha)

Redirect the oil subsidy to clean energy

We would eliminate the corporate welfare for the oil and gas industry - and we should redirect it into making our oil-producing provinces green energy superpowers.

For every new job created in Alberta in clean and green energy from the subsidy money, shut down one job in the tar sands. It's a simple and zero-cost way to make the transition to clean energy sources, and it enables Alberta to continue to be highly successful.

Brian Gordon
Nominated Candidate, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
Green Party of Canada

Trained Presenter
An Inconvenient Truth

People - Planet - Prosperity
The New Green Economy

Brian Gordon Nominated Candidate, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca Green Party of Canada Trained Presenter An Inconvenient Truth People - Planet - Prosperity The New Green Economy

2 million voters have no natural home among old line parties

An average of two million Canadian electors voted for the Progressive Conservatives in 2000, 1997 and 1993 -- and these electors have no natural home among the old line traditional parties.

The Harper Conservatives are not socially progressive, while the NDP is not fiscally responsible or market friendly. PC supporters voted PC for a reason and not Liberal. So there are two million voters at stake.

These voters are fiscally repsonsible but socially progressive.

That's why it's so important for the Green Party to continue the tradition of breaking the right/left analysis of old line political thinking.

I've blogged about this at Greens: More Fiscally Responsible than Conservatives, more progressive than NDP at