Huffington Post: Peak Oil is Snake Oil!

An interesting Huffington Post article by Raymond J. Learsy ends with the following:

"what we pay for fossil fuels needs urgently to be readdressed in terms of its cost on our environment, cost on our national security, and cost on our economic and future well-being. The oil and gas market as currently construed and managed is a manipulated and propagandized marketplace that has enriched the oil companies beyond the wildest dreams of Croesus while the rest of the nation absorbs the ancillary costs and is left to deal with their impact on our society. It is time we realized what is scarce is not oil but honesty and transparency."

It is an interesting theory, and not one I'm going to comment on the science of. I guess I've never been as worried about Peak Oil as I am about the harm to our economy, societies (political upheavals, wars, etc over oil supply and unhealthy dependencies), and environment that comes from actually extracting and burning all the fossil fuels we already know about.

The fact that the Harper government continues to want to massively subsidize the Tar Sands during these record profits, rather than having this be a source of tax revenue to allow a shifting from personal income and business payroll taxes, shows just how out of touch they are from basic rational economics. I guess what was said about the oil companies can be said about the Conservatives and their scarcity of honesty and transparency.


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Be worried...

I agree with everything you say except not being worried about peak oil... going green on a global scale, is going to create greenhouse gases in itself, its going to use up tons of oil. The only way to go green in a clean way, is to be generating all renewable energy, to have all transportation carbon neutral. the more gas costs, the more it costs to power the plant making the wind turbine, the more gas costs the more it costs to ship that turbine to its final location. so going green now is going to be much less expensive then going green in 5,10, 50 years.

Now peak oil, has already happened, or will happen within a couple years. when the masses find out, that weve run out of cheap oil, that the most important comodoty in our society necissary to basically every function in it, food production, transportation, manufacturing, energy, even our amred forces they will loose confidence in the economy. they will stop investing, or borrowing, and then you have a recession.

do i think cheap oil running out is good, yes! do i think its good if it runs out over night before we replace it... ofcourse not. becuase theres NO WAY we can impliment the kind of changes that need to be implimented during a depression. Its pretty scarry man.

Peak Oil

I joke that peak oil will help us meet (and obviously exceed) our Kyoto targets.

Most people don't think it's funny, but making jokes is how I whistle past the graveyard.

Who is Croesus?

Gareth Davies
Nanaimo-Alberni EDA
Parksville, BC

Russell, I have heard of Croesus and know he was someone from Greek history/mythology. From the context in which his name is used I also figured that he was rich! I have long since forgotten my schoolboy history lessons in this regard, so, I thought I would check him out.

This is what the dictionary in my computer says, I am sure Wikipedia would give a more complete answer.

That is pretty good for a dictionary entry. He certainly brings to mind the oil companies.

Now this gives us hope. If Croesus was eventually overthrown for abusing his citizens, maybe the oil companies should watch out!

: )

Keep smiling!

Gareth Davies Nanaimo-Alberni EDA Parksville, BC