Quebec’s place in Canada

Greens recognize and respect the fundamental principle of self-determination of all peoples.  The people of Quebec have a right to determine their future and destiny.  While all Canada would be the poorer should Quebecers prefer a new relationship, the rest of Canada can best keep the country together by embracing values of social justice and environmental sustainability, and give Quebecers strong reasons to see themselves as Canadian by choice.

Our Vision

The Green Party of Canada is a grassroots party with a global perspective.  We are all planetary citizens, but determine our rights and responsibilities based on our local empowerment.  As such, the Green Party of Canada respects the rights of Quebecers to determine their own future. 
The Green Party proposes to make Canada a true functioning confederation in which the provinces and territories are more empowered and financed to meet the needs of their communities.  Quebec and the rest of Canada must work together as partners, in the true spirit of confederation, and work to solve their fiscal and cultural imbalances.  Federal powers to regulate high environmental, health, and labour standards must be strengthened while at the same time moving funding and implementation to provincial levels. 

Green Solutions

Green Party MPs will:

  • Respect the right of self-determination for the people of Quebec.
  • Ensure Quebec’s unique place within Canada is recognized and affirmed in all agreements between various levels of government. 
  • Respect Quebec’s right to opt out of social programs and be fully compensated by the federal government if the province provides a reasonably similar program. 
  • Promote a form of federal-provincial tax-shifting that would gradually reduce the fiscal imbalance.
  • Support Quebec’s official representation at UNESCO and ensure that if Quebec and the federal representative do not agree upon a matter then Canada would abstain. 
  • Rebalance the funding formula to ensure fairness across regions and provinces.
  • Recognize a clear result to a clear question in the event of a future referendum in Quebec regarding Quebec separation from Canada and forming an independent country. 
  • Be guided by the following principles in developing policies concerning intergovernmental relations:
    1. Accountability through clarity of roles and responsibilities.
    2. Fiscal responsibility and budget transparency.
    3. Predictability and long-term planning in federal-provincial/territorial financial arrangements.
    4. Efficiency and productivity within the economic and social union.
    5. Openness and cooperation in the management of the Canadian federation.