Yukon Green Party

Greetings Greens everywhere from the Yukon Green Party.

Our inaugural meeting took place in November of 2010 where the idea of forming a territorial Green Party was introduced. The initiative was well received and a decision made to move forward.

Much has happened since then. Monthly meetings and strong effort by interested Green Party proponents led to official registration of the Yukon Green Party as a political party in February 2011 with well over the required number of signatures. Mike Ivens and Kristina Calhoun were appointed as interim co-leaders; a first in politics here and somewhat of a quandary to some members of the local press. Ivens stepped down after several months to help with other matters, leaving Calhoun as the sole interim leader.

Ongoing meetings have led to having our bylaws and constitution finalized and adopted on an interim basis. A formation meeting will have taken place by the time this is published.

The upcoming election in Yukon will see two Green Candidates vying for seats in the Legislature; Both Mike Ivens and Kristina Calhoun have put their names forward. Our platform is being formed plank by plank and will be ready by the time the election is called.  Being so young as a Party means campaign funds are scarce, so any any volunteer time, new members or donations would be greatly appreciated.

An affordable housing shortage in Yukon and the protection of the environment, such as the Peel Watershed, are two pertinent topics for this election in Yukon as are agriculture, legislative reform and electoral reform.

Our Candidates

Kristina Calhoun, 37 and mother to 5 year old Hazel, first became interested in the Green Party because it seemed to be the only Party that actually recognized there are scientifically verified limits to growth set by the carrying capacity of our planet. None of the traditional Parties seemed to make any mention of this fact or any hard realities for that matter.

Kristina feels her most valuable contribution to the Yukon Green Party is that she doesn't see this reality as negative. She sees this as it is, a fact – a fact that can easily be faced with positivity, common sense and reasonable long term thinking. She looks forward to participating with other like-minded individuals to achieve prosperity now and in the future for all Yukoners.

Mike Ivens has lived in the North, mainly Whitehorse, since 1972. After retiring from 20 years of analyzing and advising financial decisions with the Yukon Government in 2006, Mike has been an active member of the Green Party of Canada; working with the Yukon’s riding and serving on the Federal Council and local riding executive.

Having had a variety of work including air traffic controller, postal clerk, bank teller and working with telecommunications and service businesses, Mike has a breadth of experience that has provided him with a solid understanding of the issues and milestones that Yukon has faced.

Mike believes that we are stewards of this earth, not its owners;and has an understanding that making good decisions respects every interest in a major issue. The principle he follows is “What’s right, not who’s right.”

Mike chose the Green Party because its policies emphasize political change and economic stability through cooperation and collaboration rather than by partisan, adversarial methods. He says he is proud that our party’s policies and platform show how a respect for the environment can promote sustainable economic and social well-being.

Kristina Calhoun & Mike Ivens


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