Green Party Supports Charlottetown Cell Tower Opponents

CHARLOTTETOWN--The Green Party of Canada supports a group of Charlottetown residents fighting construction of a Rogers cell tower in their neighbourhood and is dismayed that both Industry Canada and Rogers would proceed after the City of Charlottetown voted to not allow construction.

“Federal guidelines for allowable human exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell towers are hopelessly outdated,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Green Party Candidate for Malpeque.  “Canadians can be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from cell towers at levels that are many times greater than those allowed in the European Union.  Charlottetown citizens should not have to resort to blockades and demonstrations to protect themselves and their families from this serious threat to their health.”

A resolution passed at the Green Party’s policy convention earlier this year calls for replacing Canada’s inadequate guidelines with regulations currently enforced in Germany, where citizens receive significantly more protection from harmful cell tower radiation.  In a 2004 German government study, people living within 1300 feet of a cell tower had three times the normal cancer rate.

 Citizen action in other countries has led to reversals of decisions to locate cell towers near schools due to the risk of cancer to children.

“Federal legislation needs to change so that local governments and citizens have the right to say no to cell towers based on health and environment concerns,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of Canada’s Greens.  “The scientific evidence tells us that electromagnetic pollution is harmful at levels well below Canadian guidelines and that current wide-spread exposure to unprecedented levels of radiation from cell towers, cell phones and wireless devices is an emerging public health problem that has no precedent in human history.”


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