Leadership Review Statement

Dear members,

If you have not already done so, it is very important that you take a few minutes to vote for council members and on the leadership review. The good news is that this process is WAY less cumbersome than the pre-BGM vote last summer. Literally, it will only take you five minutes or so.

Now that the Green Party of Canada is in the House, we will be getting ever more media scrutiny. A poor level of member participation will not reflect well on the party. On the other hand, 80% voter turn out will send a great message about the health of the party. Please take a few minutes now to vote. All candidates have posted statements and biographies. Please have a look.

As for me, as the first elected Green Party MP, I would appreciate a vote of confidence for my leadership.

Please do go to the easy-user-friendly web page and vote now.

Thanks for your on-going support,