Pierre Tremblay

Position: Vice President - French 2011
Bioregion: Boreal Shield
Email: pierre.tremblay@partivert.ca
Website: Facebook Page >>
Telephone: (514) 831-5141

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, especially in an idealistic political party like ours. I am a living example of this.

I have, however, four major assets that could be extremely useful as a Federal Council member:  time; energy (two scarce resources nowadays); volunteer experience; and a wide of professional experience as an economist, publisher, businessman and marketing strategist.


The Green Party of Canada is at a turning point in its existence where it must show its ability to govern, and it must also convince the public of its capacity to convert successfully its green vision to the reality of modern economics.

As an economist and businessman, I bring a highly  pragmatic approach to our vision.  I will constantly seek ways to  bring  forward our green economic plan to the forefront of the everyday national scene. As a publisher and as a marketing strategist, I feel that I have the tools and competence to do so.

Being a French-Canadian and Québécois, I firmly believe that our « langue française » and our culture are a Canadian national treasure that needs to be cherished by all means. By creating the position of Vice-Président Francophone, the GPC shows that it is serious about becoming a solid transcultural and national political party.

My point of view is that this position should be held by a Québécois francophone for two major reasons:

Politically speaking, a national Canadian party must give real access to decisional power to the sole francophone territory of North America.

Geographical analysis shows that 97% of Canada’s Francophones  live in the Ontario/Québec/New-Brunswick enclave.  Therefore, a Vice-Président Francophone québécois would have real access to meetings, rallys, etc. to serve 6,750,000  French Canadians.

On this basis, I am honoured to have amongst my nominators our Leader and first federal Green MP in North American history, Mrs. Elizabeth May; co-founder of North America's first Green Party, Mrs. Adrianne Carr; elected President of the Québec Wing, Mr. Jean Cloutier; ALL elected executive voting members of the Québec Wing,  Mr. Danny Polifroni, Andrew Carkner, and Mrs. Annie Durette; and Québec’s political organizer – tens of EDAs created since 2000 -, Mrs. Lynette Tremblay, etc.

I joined the GPC in 2006 when a group of friends and I created the local EDA in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, P.Q.  I have since been the candidate in both the 2008 and 2011 federal elections in the St-Jean riding.  I faced the longest serving Bloc Québécois MP, who was just defeated after 17 years (with a retirement pension of nearly $3 000 000, the subject of epic public media debates).  I’ll be seeking candidacy again when the time comes in 2015.  Meanwhile, I have  been elected as Regional speaker of the Québec Wing, for the Montérégie/Rive-sud (Montréal’s South shore), and therefore, I currently serve as an executive voting member of the Québec Wing.

Well, this is what I intend to bring as a Vice President Francophone to the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada. All these above mentioned assets and, with it, my little flaws (ask my 3 children about it ☺).

Francophones du pays, laissez-moi VOUS représenter.