Kate Storey

Position: Treasurer 2011
Bioregion: Boreal Plains
Email: kstorey@xplornet.ca
Website: katestorey.ca
Telephone: (204) 546-2099

I’m Kate Storey and I am asking you to re-elect me to the GPC Council as the Fund Representative (also known as the Treasurer). My extensive experience with the party as a director of the GPC Fund, past Party Chair, CEO of my local riding association, and as a private Business Manager have prepared me for this position.

I joined the Green Party of Canada in 2005, was soon elected to the Council and then became the Chairperson. I have been active on many on the committees of the party including the Campaign committee, Constitution committee, International committee, Fundraising committee, Shadow Cabinet and have run four times as an election candidate. I understand the workings of the party and have been part of the team which brought us from small beginnings to become one of Canada’s four national parties in the House of Commons.

In my private life, I am an organic farm Business Manager with experience in balancing budgets, strategic planning, tax preparation and operations. I took over a failing enterprise and turned it around to become a success story. Over the years, I have served on many public and private Boards of Governance. In Manitoba these include the Organic Alliance, the Rural Adaptation Council, the Organic Marketplace Association and as the President of my local Chamber of Commerce.

The job of Fund Representative includes monitoring the financial and the legal business of the party, ensuring that our operations and employment practices are effective while staying true to our grassroots principles. Greens must be fiscally responsible, sustainable, transparent and accountable. I am ready to ask the hard questions to ensure strategic use of the resources our party members have entrusted to us while maximizing our party’s political impact.

My favorite thing about the Green Party is the strong commitment of all the wonderful people working to make Parliament responsive to Canadians and to build a sustainable future for our families.

Thank you for choosing me, Kate Storey, to serve as the Fund Representative for the Green Party of Canada.