Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain

Position: President 2011
Bioregion: Mixedwood Plains
Website: voteclaudia
Telephone: (905) 417-8918

The Green Party of Canada represents a vision Canadians deserve to set henceforth into fruition. What does the Green Party need to do in order to grow? Young people, like myself, overwhelmingly claim to support the Green Party, but we have yet to harness this unfulfilled potential. The aim for my tenure as President will be to help lay the foundation for the Green Party to grow with young people and with first generation Canadians such as myself. Also, we need to aim to change the current image of a one-issue party that many Canadians hold towards the Green Party. Together, with your ideas, we can lay a strategy to secure a bright future for the Green Party, and in turn, for Canadians.

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