Ard Van Leeuwen

Position: Vice President - English 2011
Bioregion: Mixedwood Plains
Website: ArdForVPEnglish
Telephone: (416) 436-7275

I joined the GPC almost five years ago. Sometimes I'm surprised at my own level of engagement and determination to continue to try and help build the GPC to the potential I know we have. That enthusiasm and the time I can dedicate are two important qualifications I will bring to the role of VP English.

GPC Experience
I’ve always been active in my local EDA, Dufferin-Caledon, ON and ran twice as the candidate. In the last election we achieved 14.6% of the vote, the fourth best GPC result in Canada with the distinction of being the only riding to post a second place finish. I’ve served as the GPC Shadow Cabinet Finance Critic for more than two years.

I was invited to join the GPC Annual Planning and Budget Committee (APBC) in September 2009. As a consequence of becoming chair of that committee a few months later I’ve fully participated in all Federal Council communications, discussions and operations since that time.

Non-GPC Experience
My education includes an MBA from York University and a BSc from the University of Toronto. During the 1990's I held a variety of senior management positions with Sybase Inc, a software vendor. My tenure included eight years of living abroad in Europe and Asia Pacific during which time I was responsible for growing the company's presence in those regions. Currently I’m a founder and principal of the New Toronto Group (, a specialty software services provider to the North American marketplace.

Electing 12 Green MP’s
The next milestone coming up for us as a party is to achieve full party status in the House of Commons with 12 MPs. It will take a lot of grass roots party building to get there. It may take 2 elections even if things go well for us.

We’ll get there faster with proper planning, prioritization and execution. These are things I’ve been doing for 25 years in my business life. As VP English I’m confident that I can continue to contribute to growing the GPC.

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