Richmond Centre

Vincent Chiu is an outstanding and dedicated member of the Richmond Community. He served as part of the City of Richmond’s Green Ambassadors for three years; ran the local environmental club of Hugh Boyd Secondary; was the captain of Green Friends, a youth leadership team, from 2014 to 2015; and is currently a member of the City Centre Community Associations Special Events Board.

Vincent has received special recognition from the Board of Education of the Richmond School District for his service as a tri-subcommittee chair of 2013’s Richmond Student Leadership Council, and the U-Roc award for Leadership from the City of Richmond.

An alumni of the Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox, Vincent understands the importance of intergovernmental collaboration, and has participated and facilitated discussions as an orchestrator of large scale conferences, such as the Richmond Student Leadership Conference and the Metro Vancouver Youth4Action Leadership Summit. He also delivered a well-regarded workshop on eco-marketing at the 2015 Richmond Earth Day Youth Summit.

Vincent has worked to facilitate tours for high school students of non-partisan research institutions, and through these experiences has developed a respect for scientists. One of the issues he feels most passionate about is ensuring that scientists are guaranteed the right to speak openly and freely about their research.

Raised in an accepting multicultural society and full of energy, Vincent hopes to use his unique skills to serve Canada for years to come. A strong believer in freedom, respect and diversity, he will work towards creating a sustainable and fair Canada.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Vincent Chiu as our candidate in the riding of Richmond Centre.