New Westminster—Burnaby

Kyle Routledge is an experienced wildlife biologist with a passion for protecting our natural environment. He is a member of the College of Applied Biology, and uses his professional position to ensure responsible planning and management of our biological resources in British Columbia.

Kyle graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Biology from Thompson Rivers University in 2008. After completing his degree, he worked as a medic, before traveling to southeast Asia for six months in 2010. Currently, he volunteers once a week for the Vancouver Avian Research Centre at their Colony Farm bird banding station.

An avid camper, hiker, and bird watcher, Kyle's love of the outdoors drew him to the Green Party of Canada. He is committed to building a strong and robust Canadian economy centered around renewable resources, and upholding the same high standard of stewardship he applies as a biologist to the protection of the magnificent natural beauty of our country. Through leadership, he aims to help solve the climate crisis with the Green Party by driving positive change.

Kyle believes in the importance of small business, local food, and healthy communities, whether they are urban or rural. He is very passionate about current political issues, especially economic and environmental challenges. He is an engaged member of the community, regularly voicing concerns to his local MP and MLA, distributing petitions, and attending rallies to fight the expansion of oil extraction in Canada. He is a vocal advocate for justice, and is not known for sitting back and keeping quiet if he feels something isn't right.

Kyle lives in downtown New Westminster with his fiancée Meghan, their border collie Rocco, and their tabby cat, Matilda. He and Meghan will be married this fall, after six years together.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Kyle Routledge as our candidate in the riding of New Westminster—Burnaby.