Fort McMurray—Cold Lake

As a resident of Lac La Biche for twenty-fours years, Brian Deheer has shown his commitment to a different approach to government and the environment.

Brian’s environmental work began in 1993, when he was a founding board member of Northern CARE, a community-based recycling advocacy group. In 1993-94 he worked on a project for the Alberta Wilderness Association in Fort McMurray, consulting with community groups to help identify candidate protected areas in the region.

Brian has been a member of the Green Party of Canada since 2009. He was appointed to the Lac La Biche County Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee in 2012. He also serves as Treasurer of the Keepers of the Athabasca Watershed Society. Most recently, he was elected to serve as Chair of the Athabasca Watershed Council. He is a long-time member of, and volunteer for, the Lac La Biche Ski Club, and has skied the Canadian Birkebeiner fourteen times. He remains active and committed to his community.

Brian earns his livelihood as a musician, through music lessons, live performances, and studio recording work. He plays bass guitar and sings both lead and harmony vocals. He prefers classic rock, and has been performing in venues around Alberta and Canada since 1988 with several different bands, notably local bands The Torpedoes, and The Retro Rockets. Brian has a deep appreciation of the performing arts and the Canadian Music, cultural, and artistic industries.

Brian recently returned to work for the Students’ Association of Portage College, as their General Manager, a job he held previously from 1996 to 2009. He manages the association’s day-to-day activities and functions. He helped bring students from Portage College to participate in a province-wide Model UN on three occasions.

If elected as the MP for Fort McMurray—Cold Lake, Brian would work for better environmental protection laws and enforcement, and for a more responsible development of bitumen industries. He believes we should be protecting people’s health as well as their livelihoods. Brian believes in the Green Party's plan to diversify Canada’s energy sector.

Brian wants people to know that Greens don’t want to shut down the oil patch, but to recognize that it is reckless to put all our eggs in one basket. He believes the oil and gas industry should be a strategic partner in building Canada’s green economy. Canada’s vast natural resource wealth must be engaged as an engine to drive its transition from “carbon-fuel foot-dragger” to the front ranks of a Green and vibrant economy.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Brian Deheer as our candidate in the riding of Fort McMurray—Cold Lake.