Edmonton West

Pam Bryan was born and raised in Edmonton in a small family business. Married for thirty-two years, she is the proud grandmother to five grand-children. A business development and management professional, Pam has been fortunate enough to work all over the world, including in France, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand.

Pam began her post-secondary studies at NAIT, finishing her undergraduate work at the University of Calgary, before finally obtaining a Master of Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A business and management consultant for over twenty years, Pam specializes in helping entrepreneurs embrace high-tech business solutions. Most recently, Pam spent over six years in France working as a business coach, advising owners of creative start-ups throughout Europe. Her experience working in other countries has given Pam insight into the variety of plans other countries are using to tackle climate change, while maintaining strong economies. As someone who works side-by-side with small business owners, she knows what it takes to get off the ground and create jobs, and understands that government has both the power to help and hinder small businesses.

Pam chose to run for the Green Party in 2015 because they are the only party offering pragmatic economic policies, backed-up with solid environmental vision. She sees it as a moral imperative that our government start enacting policies that will allow Canada to become more sustainable, and sees the Green Party as the only party with the courage and wisdom to make that happen. Pam is also a strong supporter of the Green Party’s emphasis on grassroots democracy, and is committed to working with constituents to ensure their concerns always come first.

A competitive cyclist and cross-country skier in the 80’s, Pam spent one year on the Canadian National Cycling team, and still enjoys the opportunity to exercise and explore the city.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Pam Bryan as our candidate in the riding of Edmonton West.