Edmonton Strathcona

Jacob Binnema is a student at The Kings University in Edmonton. Jacob emulates the Green Party of Canada’s values of social justice, respect for diversity, and respect for the natural world, through his lifestyle and worldview.

Jacob was born in Surrey B.C. where amongst the mountains he learned to value Ecology and appreciate the Environment. As a student at The Kings University, where his studies emphasize the sciences, Jacob enjoys collaborating with his peers and professors in order to discover ways to address global issues.

From a young age Jacob has showed an openness to peers of all backgrounds, showing leadership academically and in sports. This was evident when he was asked to be class valedictorian, and also by his participation in the Canadian Nationals of Ultimate.

Jacob has benefited from the privilege of a student exchange to Quebec. Through this, and other trips to various places in Canada, Jacob has developed a real love of the diversity and beauty of this country.

From a young age Jacob has taken an interest in politics including serving as a campaign manager for Tim Binnema’s Campaign in British Columbia’s 2013 provincial election. Although Jacob is new to the Strathcona community, he was quick to get involved in the local neighborhood, through his volunteer work with the University’s Social justice club M.A.S.S. and Homeless Connect Edmonton.

Jacob looks forward to working in and with the Strathcona community in the future.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Jacob Binnema as our candidate in the riding of Edmonton–Strathcona.