Calgary Rocky Ridge

Catriona Wright is the CEO of the Calgary Rocky Ridge Greens, married, and a parent of two wonderful children. As a university graduate with a wide variety of life experiences, Catriona has always felt very strongly about making a difference in the world. Catriona is running for the Green Party because she believes that political action is vital to bring about needed change.

Catriona sees a large disconnect between two groups of people in Canada - those who support the environmental movement and those who strongly oppose it. As an MP for Calgary Rocky Ridge she will work to bridge the gap between these two groups of people.

Catriona strongly supports the Green Party's goal to bring back democracy to Parliament. She believes in evidence based decision making, and she is proud that the Green Party will never whip votes. Catriona supports proportional representation which she feels is urgently needed in Canada.

Catriona will work to smooth the transition to a world that is kinder, and more respectful to the environment. She will be an advocate for fair trade and the alleviation of poverty, and fully supports bringing the Roots of Empathy program to schools.

Catriona loves living in Calgary Rocky Ridge. She regularly volunteers at her children's school, and works on her skills as an artist. As a sales consultant for Norwex Enviro Products, she teaches people how to live without toxic products in their homes.

Catriona has been a recreational dancer for thirty-three years. As CEO of Calgary Rocky Ridge, she works to spread the Green Party’s message of environmental stewardship, while also stressing that as a party the Green’s have comprehensive and pragmatic policies on a wide-range of issues from foreign policy to job creation.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Catriona Wright as our candidate in the riding of Calgary Rocky Ridge.