Battle River—Crowfoot

Gary Kelly was born in Scotland and his parents made the brave decision to immigrate to Canada. Gary has lived in many places all over Alberta and B.C. while growing up and starting his own family. He currently resides in Tofield with his wife Sharri and three wonderful children Conner, Graeme and Teagan. He has a diploma in Biological Sciences from NAIT and a certificate in Conservation Enforcement from Lethbridge College.

Gary has always been interested in politics and recently decided he has had enough of the current political climate and stepped up to run himself. Democracy is floundering in Canada and our environment, economy and social structure is in danger. Gary feels strongly his background in bio sciences and green thinking can make a big impact in this riding.

Gary has given back plenty of his time to his community. He was an Auxiliary RCMP Officer from 2004 to 2009. He has been on boards involved in crime reduction and as a treasurer for a sports team. Currently, he is a volunteer referee for the sport of roller derby. Gary is working on trying to bring a recycling program to the Tofield area.

The Green Party of Canada was a natural fit when Gary decided what Party to support. Many of their viewpoints and ideas are in alignment with how Gary feels our beautiful country should be run. Democracy is key. The current first past the post system needs to go. A more concise method of electing our representatives needs to be adopted. It is not democracy when a party can have a majority government with only 35% support of Canadians.

Gary Kelly is a very passionate person about causes he gets involved in. He can’t wait to start to meet and talk to as many people as he can to show them that the Green Party is multi-faceted and a fantastic choice to bring democracy back to Canadians. He will be your voice in Ottawa, listening to your concerns and presenting them in the House of Commons.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Gary Kelly as our candidate in the riding of a Battle River–Crowfoot.