Battle River—Crowfoot

Gary Kelly calls Tofield home, with his wonderful wife Sharri, and three kids Conner, Graeme and Teagan. For the past ten years, Gary has worked for Ecolab, a company focused on water, hygiene and energy technologies. A territory manager, Gary is responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation concerns of over a hundred restaurants, hospitals, care home and hotels from Sherwood Park to Consort.

Gary’s career in sales has always been driven by two principles – take care of your customers, and dedicate yourself to solving their problems. He believes this philosophy will serve him well as the representative for Battle River–Crowfoot, focusing on the idea of “less politics and more democracy” Gary is committed to putting the interests and concerns of constituents above partisan games. Gary’s decision to run for the Green Party of Canada was mainly because of their grassroots approach to politics, which puts constituents first – prohibiting whipped votes and back room deals.

Gary would work to ensure Canada’s economy moves towards diversification, by investing in jobs centred on knowledge, skills and sustainable resource development. Gary also cares deeply about restoring Canada’s role as a leader in peacekeeping, education and environmental stewardship.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Gary Kelly as our candidate in the riding of a Battle River–Crowfoot.