Mike MacDonald joined the Green Party of Canada out of his frustration with the state of Canadian politics. He ran for the party in the 2011 election, and is excited to be back again in 2015, hoping to become the first Green MP elected in Alberta.

The son of a Baptist minister, Mike was born and raised in the Maritimes. As a young man he worked alongside his grandfather on the family farm in Cape Breton, fished in the brook, and hunted with his father. Living in a sustainable manner was important to his family, as was living within their means.

Mike moved out West in 1993, and shortly afterwards met and married Sharon, herself raised in a farming family in Saskatchewan. After completing an M.A. in Counselling, Mike and Sharon moved to Airdrie, where he worked as a family counsellor at Airdrie Family Services. He currently works for Alberta Health Services as a children’s mental health consultant. Every day Mike witnesses firsthand the socio-economic challenges families in Alberta face, and the impact of these challenges on the development of their children.

The hospitalization of his wife in 2006 for cancer treatment made him aware of many of the problems facing Canada’s health care system, and reinforced his belief that preserving our water, air and food quality is critical.

In 2009, Sharon and Mike moved with their two young children to the Summer Village of Waiparous. In his free time, Mike participates in triathlon and ultra distance trail marathons. He also enjoys fly fishing, photography, and climbing mountains -- hobbies which motivate him to preserve the amazing environment Albertans are so lucky to call home.

True democracy and defending nature are key issues for Mike. He is keen to chart a new political course in Canada, which emphasizes the need for the sustainable development of our environmental resources. If elected, Mike looks forward to being part of a visionary and cooperative Green Caucus, that is willing to work across party lines to protect our children’s future.

It’s time. Vote Green.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Mike MacDonald as our candidate in the riding of Banff-Airdrie.