Mark Bigland-Pritchard is an applied physicist, energy expert, green building specialist and consultant, whose work has taken him all over the world, arriving in Saskatchewan in 2005. A proud father to two young-adult children, Mark and his wife Jan have called Saskatoon home since 2011.

Mark has two Engineering Degrees, and a Doctorate in Architectural Physics. He is currently the Director of Low Energy Design Ltd, a technical consultancy firm specializing in energy efficiency, renewables, green building, architectural physics and energy policy development.

In addition to his consultancy work, Mark taught for ten years in the United Kingdom at the Open University and University of Sheffield. During his time in the UK, Mark spent three years as a coordinator with the British Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

An expert in energy efficiency, Mark is one of the few professionals in Saskatchewan pioneering design for building performance compatible with the Passivhaus Standard - one of the world’s most rigorous building standards, it all but eliminates the need for traditional energy-intensive forms of heating and cooling.

Mark is interested in building a Canadian economy whose prosperity is based on sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture and sustainable manufacturing. He also sees an urgent need for Canada to catch-up with Europe, California and China in the GreenTech sector, which has been neglected and marginalized by our present government.

Mark is an avid volunteer, and has worked with a variety of organizations including Climate Justice Saskatoon, the Committee for Future Generations, and his local Lions Club. More recently, he has worked several hours a week with a local bookstore in order to stay in touch with his community.

In 2014 Mark received the Global Citizen Award from the Saskatoon Council for International Cooperation, and on three occasions has been part of groups receiving the Saskatchewan Eco-Network’s Environmental Activist Award.

An active member at Osler Mennonite Church, and married to an Anglican minister, Mark’s green politics are rooted in a Christian concern for peace, social justice and respect for nature.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Mark Bigland-Pritchard as our candidate in the riding of Saskatoon–Grasswood.