Greg Chatterson’s political understanding began at a young age in his Aunt's library of old hardcover histories. By the time he was a young teen he could name the premiers of every province, as well as the past succession of Prime Minister’s and many of their cabinet ministers. After a career spent on construction sites specializing in the design and building of artistic stone masonry, Greg decided it was time to follow through with his lifelong passion for politics and democracy and run for public office.

Raised on a small family farm, Greg has always been concerned about the practical sides of food production and the challenges faced by our diversified farming community. He decided to run for the Green Party in large-part because of their vision of a sustainable economy built around small businesses, including small-scale and family-owned farms. He believes that for too long our government has failed in its responsibility to protect hardworking Canadians, instead focusing solely on supporting large multinational corporations.

Greg also cares deeply about ensuring a dignified living standard for Canadian veterans and seniors, building a stronger relationship with Canada’s First Nations communities, reducing the burden on our criminal system by reforming drug laws in Canada, and working to eliminate economic barriers to education and healthcare.

Greg calls Fort Qu'Appelle home, and looks forward to working with his neighbours over the coming months and years to build a strong, sustainable and equitable constituency, province and country.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Greg Chatterson as our candidate in the riding of Regina—Qu'Appelle.