Prince Albert

Byron Tenkink was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but was raised overseas in rural northern Nigeria. There he witnessed firsthand the immense challenges that stem from living in a country with a broken government. This experience instilled in him the belief that you should never take a functional system for granted, and always work hard to maintain and protect democracy.

Byron has been dismayed at the high levels of cynicism and feelings of hopelessness regarding politics among his peers – especially among young Canadians. He is highly motivated to give a voice to those who have withdrawn from the political process in Canada.

Byron believes in bringing an end to the first past the post electoral system, and ensuring every Canadian has their voice heard by bringing in proportional representation.

Specific to his constituency, Byron would like to bring relief to acreage holders who pay a disproportionate amount of property taxes. Byron believes it is unfair that one percent of landowners are forced to pay thirty percent of the constituency's property tax.

Byron supports the Green Party because, unlike the other three main parties, the Greens are standing for meaningful and pragmatic reforms on everything from the environment to the economy to government transparency.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Byron Tenkink as our candidate in the riding of Prince Albert.