Cypress Hills—Grasslands

William Caton is a third generation cattle rancher. His family ranch is located south and east of the Cypress Hills at the confluence of Caton Creek and the White Mud River. Born in 1949, William attended high school at Notre Dame Wilcox and studied Fine Arts at the University of Calgary.

The valley where William lives is pristine, and he would like to keep it that way. He is deeply concerned that constant pressures from the oil and gas industry and the farming practices of large corporate farms are putting the wildlife, air, and water around his farm –and throughout the country– in danger.

The changes brought about by global warming are already evident in Williams daily life. When it rains it doesn't rain an inch, it rains four inches. When it is hot and dry it isn't hot and dry for a week or two, the hot and dry last a month or two. When the forests burn in Northern Saskatchewan because of global warming and increased lightning strikes, the smoke hangs for weeks in Southern Saskatchewan.

The glyphosphates and neonicotinoids sprayed on farmland in ever increasing abundance are killing the birds and the bees. William is exasperated by this increasing reliance on chemicals, as he knows there is a better way to earn a living from the land than by destroying the environment we live in.

William believes we must immediately begin serious discussion and planning to figure out how we can transition away from a fossil fuel driven economy, to an economy that is driven by sustainable energy. We have the technologies – thermal, solar, wind, water – we just have to start using them.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have William Caton as our candidate in the riding of Cypress Hills—Grasslands.