Dr. David Robinson is an associate professor of economics at Laurentian University, where he has dedicated his professional career to promoting sustainable economic development in Northern Ontario. He appears frequently on CBC radio and TVO's the Agenda.
David has a diverse range of knowledge and professional experience that he brings to the table. The recipient of the Community Builders Award for Excellence in Economic Development in 2015, Dr. Robinson has played a leading role in bringing the Northern Ontario School of Architecture to Sudbury.

David has also worked as Director of the Institute for Northern Ontario Research and Development, provided expert advice and consultation for Northern resource-based communities to develop and support the forestry and mining sectors, and recently represented the Green Party of Ontario in the Sudbury by-election.

Dr. Robinson is perhaps best known for his regular columns in Northern Ontario Business Magazine and Sudbury Mining Solutions, where he focuses on northern economic issues such as:

Advocating for the sustainable development of the Ring of Fire
Articulating a vision for Sudbury’s Mining Supply and Service Sector; and
Championing a carbon fee and dividend approach to pollution pricing

As a professional Economist, David understands the complexities of resource-based economies like Sudbury’s. He also knows that good government requires policies that are socially, environmentally, and economically sound. His experience, his values, and his expertise make him uniquely qualified to provide a strong voice for Sudbury on Parliament Hill.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Dr. David Robinson as our candidate in the riding of Sudbury.