Scarborough North

Eleni MacDonald received a B.A in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario before pursuing further studies in International Development at Centennial College in Toronto, which she completed in 2014 with Honours.

Eleni’s interest in social justice and equality led her to pursue International Development, as she believes it is our responsibility to support those who are unable to support themselves, whether it be locally, nationally or internationally. However, her notion of support is complex: support must come in the form of systemic changes that enable people –especially youth– to reach their ultimate potential.

Her passion for the environment is a direct result of the current crisis facing her generation. This led to her involvement with a grassroots community environmental organization at York University, where she took on a leadership role within the community. Eleni increased awareness of pertinent environmental issues by discussing local environmental concerns with students of all backgrounds, in addition to formulating strategies for further outreach initiatives.

Growing up, Eleni spent a significant portion of her life with her Greek grandparents who immigrated to Canada in 1959. She learned many valuable lessons from them, including how to speak Greek. In addition to a strong understanding of the difficulties immigrants face when building a new life in a foreign country, she honed her ability to communicate with individuals of all backgrounds. This urge to understand people coupled with her strong desire for equality, fostered her strong support for human rights, justice, and environmental sustainability.

While Eleni strongly believes we need a concerted international effort to combat environmental challenges facing present and future generations, she is cognizant of various international human rights issues and believes they are both of equal importance.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Eleni MacDonald as our candidate in the riding of Scarborough North.