Cody Sebben was born and raised in Stratford. He graduated with distinction from St. Lawrence College with an Advanced Diploma in Behavioural Sciences in 2010, and has worked in corrections and rehabilitation for several years. Cody has published research in the field of offender treatment, and worked in the mental health unit of Kingston Penitentiary.

Growing up on both a dairy farm and in the city, Cody has a unique understanding of the challenges that face individuals in both the urban and rural areas of Perth–Wellington. Cody joined the Green Party of Canada because he believes that Members of Parliament should be the voice for their community first, and the voice for their political party second -- not the other way around.

Cody is passionate about defending our air, land and water from exploitation and pollution, and believes our government needs to play a more active role in protecting our natural resources and environment.

Cody was attracted to the Green Party primarily because of their stance on democratic reform. Cody believes there should be no “whipped votes” in parliament, that proportional representation would lead to a fairer more accountable government, and that constituent concerns should always trump party politics.

A longtime volunteer in local politics and community causes, Cody saw the 2015 election as the perfect opportunity to get involved in federal politics, and looks forward to engaging with constituents and having thoughtful discussions about the challenges facing our nation.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Cody Sebben as our candidate in the riding of Perth–Wellington.