London West

Dimitri Lascaris is one of Canada’s leading lawyers. He has been named one of the twenty-five most influential lawyers in Canada, and one of the fifty most influential persons in Canadian business. Canadian Business Magazine has described Dimitri as “the fiercest advocate for shareholder rights.” Dimitri’s record of community service is extensive, with a focus on the protection of the environment and vulnerable groups.

Dimitri was born and raised in London, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Toronto law school in 1991, Dimitri practised for a major Wall Street law firm in New York City, and then in Paris, France. Dimitri returned to London, Ontario in 2004 to join Canada’s foremost class actions law firm, Siskinds LLP, where he is now a partner.

Dimitri’s legal practice is focused on investor rights, human rights and environmental law. He leads a highly regarded team of lawyers in Ontario and Quebec who have recovered over $450 million in compensation for thousands of Canadians subjected to corporate wrongdoing. Due to Dimitri’s accomplishments in law, the press regularly seek his views on a wide array of subjects. He has been quoted on numerous occasions by, among many other newspapers, the Globe & Mail, the National Post and the Wall Street Journal. Dimitri has also appeared as a commentator on BNN, the CBC’s Amanda Lang Show, and CTV News.

Dimitri is a member of the Continuous Disclosure Advisory Committee of the Ontario Securities Commission, which advises the Province’s stock market regulator on matters related to investor protection. He is also a board member of the Unity Project for the Relief of Homelessness in London, and Pro Bono Law Ontario, a charitable organization whose mission is to provide legal services to Ontarians who cannot afford them. Dimitri also sits on the board of, which seeks strong action on climate change. In 2014, Dimitri presented a petition to the University of Toronto’s President. The petition requested the formation of a committee to study whether the university’s $1.8 billion endowment should divest from the fossil fuels industry.

Dimitri is passionately devoted to the development of independent media. He believes that democratic institutions function most effectively when citizens have access to news sources that are free of corporate and governmental influence. For that reason, Dimitri has served for a number of years on the board of the Real News Network, an internet-based, viewer-supported, not-for-profit media outlet that does not accept funding from corporations or governments. Dimitri has appeared regularly on the Real News Network, in a segment entitled “The Lascaris Report”. His reports have focused on the financial crisis in Europe and the effects of austerity on the Europe’s workers and the poor.

Dimitri is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Toronto and York University. His lectures have focused on capital markets, business law and class actions procedure.

Dimitri is married with two children, who attend secondary school in London, Ontario. His wife, Farida, is of Algerian origin and was born and raised in France. Dimitri speaks fluent French, and conversational Greek.

Dimitri is running for the Green Party in London West with the objective of improving political debate in an election that is pivotal for the future of Canada. The health and vibrancy of any democracy depends critically on an informed citizenry, but nowadays, political discussion often consists of little more than superficial, partisan sound-bites that do little if any justice to the issues that affect voters’ lives.

Voters deserve better than that, much better. In Dimitri’s opinion no party leader is better qualified to deliver mature, informed, honest and compassionate debate and leadership than Elizabeth May, and no party is better equipped to lead the country to a healthier, more sustainable and more socially just future than the Green Party of Canada.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Dimitri Lascaris as our candidate in the riding of London West.